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In spite of your best efforts, you might find yourself heading up a department or business that has a toxic work culture. It’s never too late to change that, if you take the time to implement a few changes. Here are some tips on how to improve the atmosphere in the workplace.

Get Rid of Toxic Influences
This means firing those that contribute to the toxic environment. Even if they are some of your best employees, you have to get them out of the workplace or nothing will change. Additionally, look at how work areas are arranged, how pay scales are set up, and how employees communicate with one another. You may need to rearrange your management infrastructure as well.

Gather the Remaining Employees for a Meeting
Now that you have implemented a few changes, it’s time to get everyone on the same page. Try to arrange the meeting in a venue that will allow everyone to be present, so all of your employees will hear the same message at the same time. This will help them to feel motivated to contribute towards your goal for the company.

Be Quick in Implementing New Policies
Now that everyone has been motivated, you have to act fast to keep them motivated. If you don’t start seeing positive changes within the first three months, you’ve lost the momentum and may have to start again from the top. Getting rid of toxic influences isn’t going to be easy, but, in the long run, it will be worth it.

Be Concise in What You Expect
This is no time to beat around the bush. Tell your managers and employees exactly which behaviors will be unacceptable going forward. By setting the ground rules and letting them know exactly what actions won’t be tolerated, you’ll stand on much better footing for implementing change. When you’re vague with what you expect, that leaves room for interpretation and change will take longer to implement.

Change the Infrastructure
Once everyone knows what to expect, it’s time to take your company off in a positive new direction. That means instituting training courses for new employees, so they’ll start off with the same mindset as your current employees. Make sure your managers know what your objectives and strategies are as well. When asked, they should be able to speak about your goals without having to get back to you first. Establish performance reviews that reinforce the new positive work environment.

Everything you do and ask of your managers should support a new positive workplace. From rewarding employees and thanking them for their hard work to disciplining problem employees early, it’s important to show which behaviors are desirable and which ones won’t be tolerated. Over time, this will become the new normal.