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Financial literacy is a valuable skill for people of every age. It covers everything from knowing how and where you spend your money to how to make your money work for you. While financial literacy is not taught in schools and few people learn it from their parents, there are steps that we can all take to improve our financial literacy. By learning more and empowering ourselves with knowledge about money, we can improve both our current and future lives.

One of the initial steps to improving your financial literacy is to get familiar with your money. Keep track of all your expenditures for a set period, so that you know how much money you need to live. Once you are aware of the amount of money you need, you can plan as to how you are going to earn that money. Keeping track of your income, expenditures, assets, and liabilities will allow you to better manage your cash flow. Knowing your credit score and keeping it as high as possible will allow you to take advantage of opportunities that might arise as a result of healthy credit. It is also extremely important to start saving as much as you can, as early as you can. Part of financial literacy is being prepared, and a robust savings account will give you that extra security that you need.

There are external activities that you can do to learn more about money. In addition to reading information online or in books, find a mentor who can guide you and give you quality advice about investment, savings, retirement plans, and more. Take online or in-classroom classes on the economy, personal finance, and budgeting. Classes will allow you to take your money education to the next level, while also interacting with teachers and peers who may have interesting and inspiring ideas. Explore other ideas for making money, such as passive income options (real estate or other investments) or side hustles to help you reach your goals.

While it can seem intimidating initially, developing financial literacy is an essential skill for a successful life. Making your money work for you is vital. A curious mind, asking lots of questions, and doing research will yield immeasurable results that will benefit your life for years to come.