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Welcome to your 30s! Your career is taking off, you’re making a comfortable salary and you’ve started to think about the investments you should be making to set yourself up for the future. Consider making the following investments to put yourself ahead of the game and set yourself up for success in your 40s and beyond!

Increase your 401k contributions
The more you can contribute to your 401k, the better off you will be in the future. You should already be contributing enough to get the full employer match if your company offers one. You should also increase your contributions consistently whether that’s every six months, when you receive a raise, or at the end of every year.

Build a rainy day fund
Life never goes as planned. Setting aside a sufficient financial cushion can help make unexpected financial burdens a little less stressful. Financial situations are different but having a three-to-six month savings cushion tucked away can help. These additional funds can be tucked away in a savings account, through stocks and bonds or on a certificate of deposit.  

Open another retirement account
At this point, you should have already enrolled in an employer based 401k program. Just one account might not be enough to provide for your future. Consider opening an alternate retirement savings account such as a Roth IRA, traditional IRA or a health savings account. Remember, by age 40 you should have three times your salary saved. Review your current accounts to make sure you’re on track to hit that number over the next 10 years.

Buy a house
Buying a house allows you to start building equity instead of losing your money to rent every single month. Neighborhoods with high growth potential and higher property values maximize the value of your home which will increase your homes value over time.

Pay off debt
Whether it’s student loan debt, car loans or credit card debt, you should have a plan in place to eliminate all of it by the end of your 30s. Start by eliminating smaller debts and work your way up to the larger one. Remember to pay attention to interest rates. You end up paying more in interest rates then you do actually paying off the debt.

Start an investment portfolio
Investing your money allows it to grow more quickly and allows you to meet your goals faster. First start by setting a specific financial goal that you would like to hit with your portfolio. One way this can be achieved is through a diverse mutual fund. Your 30s is a good time to look at building wealth outside of your retirement account and mixing your investments is the easiest way to achieve this.