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Although the thought of a financial podcast does not conjure up images of excitement and adventure, today’s modern money podcasts do an exceptional job of disseminating information in a fun and interesting way. Narrowing down which podcasts give you the most for your invested time is often the most difficult part of choosing a podcast to fit your needs. Here are a few of the best financial podcasts on the market to get you started:

MONEY FOR THE REST OF US – DAVID STEIN: As a former corporate investor, Stein has channeled his extensive work experience in an effort to assist novice investors in making good financial decisions. With Stein’s guidance, even the most DIY investors can feel confident about their money decisions.

THE FAIRER CENTS – KARA PEREZ AND TANJA HESTER: Girl power is the theme of this unique podcast. With a goal of making a lasting impact, these two women are set to break the glass ceiling and to impart their wisdom on a variety of financial issues that affect women every day. While this podcast will not give practical money management tips, it will inspire those ready to make a change to the current patriarchal system in the financial sector.

AFFORD ANYTHING – PAULA PANT: Covering a wide variety of topics from real estate, cultivating your spirit of entrepreneurship, and more, Pant’s advice is centered around the philosophy that making better financial decisions can help anyone get the most out of their resources to achieve their goals and continue to strive toward financial freedom.

STACKING BENJAMINS – JOE SAUL-SEY, OG, AND THE GANG: Debunking the myth that financial podcasts need to be serious and stodgy is this light and humorous show designed to draw people in with the conversational banter and hysterical moments. In between all the hijinks, listeners will find expert advice designed to appeal to all stages of wealth building careers.

SMART PASSIVE INCOME – PAT FLYNN: If cultivating a side hustle is your aim, then look no further than the advice of Pat Flynn. This financial expert encourages his listeners to get out there and see the opportunities in front of them and to take action on them so that they can generate income.